Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 688

It's April!

I need some April goals:

1. Pay $2,500 to debt ($160 down!)
2. Sell enough stuff this month that I make $400 and put that to debt (in addition to the $2,500)
3. don't buy things I don't need
4. get my taxes done

I might add more to this list as the month goes on.

Good news! I have my car and it's paid for! Oh, it's good to be driving again :)

I just paid $160 to my Visa

Total Debt Paid: $55, 244

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 687

I just paid $2,000 to my Visa! -- YAY! It's in the $6,000 range now...haven't been there in awhile! It's high $6,000 but ti there, lol

I'm very happy about my decision with my new car. I was in a car accident and have no choice but to buy a new car as I need one for my business. The insurance company gave me about $5,800 and I found a car for $6,500. That will be paid for in cash, no car payments! That means no more added debt - yay!

I opened up a TFSA! I plan to have $5000 in it by the end of this year. Right now I'm just putting in $100 a month. I'll just add the rest in as it comes...after this debt id a bit lower and my wedding season starts

I'm so excited to get this debt gone...just a few more months :) -- and then it's onto savings! I think I'll start a new blog for that.

Total Debt Paid: $55, 084

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 672

672 days of paying off debt and I'm still not there!

While in Vegas I spent less than $500US in the week on food. It's so expensive there! We got groceries for the hotel room but still had to eat out every day as our room didn't have a fridge. However, it was a great conference, I'm glad I went and I did learn a lot for work.

Yesterday I got my check from my insurance so I have a bit of money for the car shopping. I was given $5,800CA. The car I am going to buy is $17,000. It's a Honda, they hold their value and I'm hoping it will last me abut 5yrs *fingers crossed* I was looking for a car around the $5,800 range but I had to look at cars in the 2004 or older and I worry about how long something like that would last.

I've been taking on more work and should be able to increase my income by $2000 a month. Nice right?!! It will all go to credit, taxes and the money I borrow for the car. Taxes are killing me! Ugh!!!

I just put $150 on my Visa -- still owing $8,889.14

Total Debt Paid: $53, 084

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 655

It's never ending!

I corrected some numbers on my taxes and now owe over $7,000 *tears, tears, tears*

I paid $100 to Visa on Friday

Total Debt Paid: $52, 934

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 653

New Numbers:

Visa: $8,782.95
Braces: $3,411
Taxes: $4,216.35 (new bill)

New debt total is $16, 405

I paid $1,000 to taxes today as it was $5,216 :(

Total Debt Paid: $52,834

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 653

Here is what I got from it and need to apply or in some cases apply as much as I can:

Don't borrow money. If I don't have the money I can't buy it. (OK, how am I going to buy a decent car?!!)

80% behavior and 20% knowledge. Change my behavior. If I don't have the money, don't buy it.

- cut up the credit and only use cash (I do need credit for work
- use the envelope system.
- get on a budget and give every number a predestination (I never know month to month how much I make)
- read books about money (these cost money!)

Budget Baby Steps
1. start an Emergency Fund of $1000
2. set up a plan to get out of debt. Start with the smallest debt to pay off and work your way up. Debt snowball
3. Go back to step 1 and raise it to 3-6 months of expenses
4. Invest 15% of your income into retirement
5. set up a college fund for my son
6. Pay off the house early ( I rent )
7. build wealth

I kind of have the emergency fund if I need it. There is money in accounts I do not touch so now I guess I work on the snowball affect and pay off the smallest debt which is my taxes and the one that I should be paying. I think I can pay my taxes before I go to Vegas. That would be awesome!

I think I'll put the Visa back in the freezer :)